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I know. You were hoping for a sex post.  But I’m taking a final tomorrow and I’m so stressed out under the pressure of my work that I don’t have time to write something that takes even the slightest bit of emotional wringing.

In the meantime: Have you seen this article?  It’s from the New York Times about LGB teenagers and punishment.  This isn’t my experience.  I proudly escaped high school sans detention.  I only started misbehaving in college, in the best, most exploratory way possible.  My parents punished me for a bad report card – grounded me for TWO MONTHS in my senior year of high school.  But – ugh, it was probably the right thing to do. Those jerks.  I hate that they were right.

But skimming through the comments, I see at least 3 separate mentions of butchness.  And I know that “toughness” is conflated with criminality.  I’m surprised by the last comment about being pulled over and searched for drugs.  Maybe I shouldn’t be.  And I’m skeptical of this article for making no mention of race.

I’m curious: what’s your experience?

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  1. butchtastickyle
    December 27, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    When we discussed this article with the youth in our Pizza Klatch group, one of the young women speculated that queer girls may get more punishment because outspoken women threaten a system based on male superiority. I think she’s got a good point.

    I was also surprised about the lack of mention of race, since we know that racial profiling is a fact. However, even without that information, I don’t think it takes much to imagine that queer kids — out or not, flamboyant or not — are a challenge for a lot of authority figures, especially in conservative areas. All teenagers are stressed out, looking to find ways to become adults, to differentiate from their parents and authority figures. Do queer kids have more to prove? Are they even more stressed out and prone to acting out? Perhaps.

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