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The Iphis Project

One of my readers (this word sounds self-important to me…but she and I  have never met!), M, sent me a video that she put together for her senior thesis project.  It’s pretty cool and I recommend you watch it.  She’s also blogged a little bit about what she did at The Iphis Project

Here’s what she said about her work:

I set up a space where I invited viewers to sit and view a slideshow I had created. This slideshow consisted of photos, sound and recorded text that retold the myth of Iphis. I took these photos myself and made the costumes.  And in the second space I invited the viewers to interact with the costumes themselves, on which I had sewn on pieces of paper with quotes from gender theorists such as Halberstam and Butler.

I’ve never heard the myth of Iphis before, so rather than tell it, I suggest you watch it, as well as read her blog.  It’s interesting food for thought concerning what role costumes play in our daily lives, in theater, and in our concept of gender.  It’s further interesting to me because…hey, people like us (PLU) have existed for all of time!  And also because I like to enjoy not being in the insanity of college sometimes.

I’m sure M will be reading and welcoming your comments.  If you ever want to provide a tip to me about something, I’ll probably post it!  (But I also reserve the right not to.)

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